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Growing an audience

I tried using the Twitter tools - (TweetDeck and Twitter Ads) to grow my twitter audience but they are rotten for my use case. I am quite sad really at how little innovation there has been here in the last decade. So what to do?


In setting up this small site I used an old twitter acount @ez0ne which has been around for ages but I havent used. It dates back to this site being used for social media training. @ez0ne doesnt have as many followers as my main twitter which has thousands but I would like to grow it separately with a tone of voice around technologies I am interested in. So, as an experiment, I thought it would be fun to try to use a tool for improving engagement and increasing followers. I needed some specific features:-

  • Scheduled tweets
  • Thread support
  • Compliance with Twitter Terms of Service
  • Small focused independent company

There are today perhaps far too many twitter automation tools, and in the last decade many good ones have been absorbed by bigger companies and lost. I settled on Hypefury, who provide meet my requirements with a tool aimed at helping you save time with tweet-creation, increase your engagement rate with smart automation, and help you make more money. Their byline is "The tool to grow & monetize your Twitter audience." Sounds good. They are a small bootstrapped company, with a good social media presence and warm blog style and tone of voice. I like the look of their online reputation so that was initially good enough to give them a try, and now I am a paid user.

TL:DR — After an initial free trial period of 14 days, Hypefury plans start at USD19 per month for up to three twitter accounts and a total of 12 connected social accounts (Instagram, Facebook Pages and OnlyFans although dear readers you and me both are not ready for me to have an OnlyFans account 😀). There is no free plan. The premium product gives you analytics and LinkedIn support - I'd like those but not enough to justify the extra cost at this point. I have signed up for the standard plan and you can find out why in the main part of this article.

Hypefury has a nice simple user experience focused on the tasks of scheduling tweets. In contrast Twitter's own Ad generator for scheduled tweets is truly awful, looks to have been designed by committee, with multiple differntly styled pages and a tabs mess. What about TweetDeck you may say, well Hypefury has a different purpose than TweetDeck, which does have a clean design but to me is more of a live console for conferences, media control rooms or events with simple scheduled tweets. But, Hypefury is neither trying to sell promoted tweets nor giving me a live console for engagement. It is an automation tool. You dont need to look at feeds in Hypefury in real-time - because you have better things to do - like look at tweet effectiveness and ways to improve your audience and set your presence to auto-tweet while you are working on something else.

Onboarding with Hypefury — Step by Step instructions

When you first add your twitter account to Hypefury, it sets some tasks for you to perform in order to get the most out of the trial. This onboarding list helps you to inderstand the basics of the service. In particular you can set some of your best tweets as 'Evergreen'. What this does is to add them to a list of tweets called 'Evergreen Posts' which will be automatically tweeted in what are called 'Evergreen Slots' in your scheduled tweets queue. This is a great idea and it provides a convenient mechanism for amplifying content you know to be effective. Provided that you curate your Evergreen Posts it should automatically increase engagement with posts you have found to be most effective. You just need to watch that it is not too spammy which will depend on your content and get better as you curate these tweets.

Onboarding task list

  1. Schedule your first tweet and unlock the evergreen slots
  2. Set best tweets as evergreen
  3. Visit the Evergreen Posts page
  4. Follow @Hypefury on Twitter
  5. Schedule every day during the trial
  6. Join the affiliate program

Using Hypefury

The Posting Schedule is automatically set up, and can be refined in settings. I've chosen to tweet four times a day, at times I think are useful in the UK where I am based. I pressed the 'Make my schedule more natural' button in settings too, so that my tweets arent artificial looking by being sent on exact rounded times. This makes them slightly different each day too. Now all that is needed is to go to the Queue and populate your schedule with content.

Posting schedule

A screenshot of the Hypefury queue with two tweets ready for me to populate, and two evergreen tweet slots
A screenshot of the Hypefury queue with two tweets ready for me to populate, and two evergreen tweet slots

Tweet composer - paste text to create threads

Clicking one of the blue empty tweet slots in the queue brings up the Hypefury tweet composer. You can paste in a large block of text and it will be automatically turned into a thread. This is a great feature, sorely absent from many twitter tools. Here too, you'll often see a 'need inspiration' tweet you can use or ignore and control from 'Settings'. There are the usual buttons to add emoji, media and gif (memes from tenor). There are a couple of other interesting buttons too, the first is a quote generator, and after the divider you have the ability to set this composed tweet as an evergreen tweet.

Under the tweet, you can add a follow up tweet, choose additional connected social media to share with, and optionally add a quoteshot, which is an image containing a quote. You can set these optional aspects of your tweets as defaults in the advanced tab of the tweet composer, where you can also set up categories, should you wish to do so.

Once your tweet is ready just click 'Add to queue' and it will show up in your Queue.

A screenshot of the  tweet composer in Hypefury
A screenshot of the tweet composer in Hypefury
A screenshot of the  tweet composer advanced tab in Hypefury
A screenshot of the tweet composer advanced tab in Hypefury

Queued tweets in Hypefury

You can edit, evergreen, or delete a queued tweet at any time before it is posted on twitter and your chosen connected social media.

A screenshot of a queued tweet in Hypefury
A screenshot of a queued tweet in Hypefury

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