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Flutter app development is my focus for Google I/O '21

I/O is back, online, and free for everyone having been cancelled in 2020. I am looking forward to the sessions (keynotes, google play, flutter, material design, firebase) from the comfort of my home office.. I’d recommend the keynote, the developer keynote and ‘whats new in Google Play’ to everyone and there are tons of other useful sessions whatever your level of interest or experience.

Sessions of interest to me:


Find out from the "grand fromages" about google organizing the world’s information to make it universally accessible and useful, (as they say).

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Developer Keynote

Learn about the latest updates to Google's developer products and platforms from Google Developers.

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What's new in Android

Discussion of the latest Android features and enhancements for developers.

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What's new in Google Play

Learn about what's new in Google Play. In this Session, hear the latest on how the Google Play platform can help grow business.

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What’s new in Material Design

Learn about the latest design improvements to help you build personal dynamic experiences with Material Design.

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What's new in Flutter

What's new in Flutter since the 2.0 release, including updates to Dart, Flutter, tooling, and our ecosystem

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Material's communication principles: Intro to UX Writing

This Workshop will show you how to write clear, compelling user-facing content – because better writing leads to better experiences. Create your own content matrix while learning best practices for common UI patterns such as onboarding, notifications, labels, errors, and localization. Lessons focus on English writing, and can be applied across many contexts. Advanced topics (testing content; conversation design; machine learning feature writing) are covered briefly.

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What’s new in Firebase

Come learn what's new from Firebase, Google's app development platform for Android, iOS, and web apps. We'll share how Firebase can accelerate your app development, provide actionable insights, and help you optimize your app experience to grow your business.

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Get to know Firebase for Flutter

This Workshop will teach you the basics of Firebase by creating Flutter apps for Android and iOS that use Firebase Auth and Firestore. You don't need any Firebase experience, but you should already be comfortable building Flutter applications on a local emulator using your favorite editor, and you should have a basic understanding of Providers. We'll walk you through configuring a Firebase project and using that to build a mobile app for organising Firebase Meetups.

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Open Source community Meetup [EMEA]

Meet other open source engineers, developers, contributors, and learners. Join to participate in interactive activities with Googlers from Open Source Program Office.

Fireside chat with Flutter + Firebase [Americas]

This meetup will be an interactive space for developers to connect with the Flutter and Firebase team, ask burning questions about the best ways to use Firebase and Flutter together and learn about the latest updates.

What's new in Chrome OS

Chrome OS turns 10 this year, and the products you know and love are evolving fast. This session will talk about Google's latest investments to improve the developer experience on Chrome OS, including updates to the Linux environment and new APIs for web apps. We'll also cover the tremendous growth in the Chrome OS app ecosystem and how your app can make the most of it.

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