An easy way to reset all the Hits for all your articles.
For Joomla 4.0


Joomla! tracks article hits automatically. Once you get to production lebel for the content for a site it can be helpful or a client requirement to reset the article hits. Note that article hits are not the same thing as page hits, if you want page level hits you need either a unique article for each page, or a page level analytics tool.


  • You'll need to be able to access the database directly using tools from your web hosting provider such as phpMyAdmin.
  • You'll need to be careful, as you will be using SQL commands to do this. Take a backup first!

Find the database settings in 'Global Configuration

Open the administration site and find Global Configuration and select the 'Server' tab.

Scroll down to the 'Database' section and make a note of the Database Name and Database Tables Prefix.

Open phpMyAdmin from your hosting providers control panel for your website. Click on the database you found for your Joomla installation. Please be extremely careful here as there may be many other databases available to your site for other things.

Click on 'SQL' and enter the database command update xxx_content set hits = 0 (where xxx is your Database Prefix) and then click 'Go'

You'll get a confirmation if you succeeded/

Check in Joomla administration that the hits are all set to 0.

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