Fire TV Cube, Hands free with Alexa, 4K Ultra HD streaming media player

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This latest Fire TV Cube is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand it has Alexa built-in but on the other hand, it is fiddly to set it up with the now typical AV setup of multiple set top boxes an AV amp and speakers. Theres no HDMI cable in the box so you'll need one!

It is also odd that it does not have built-in Ethernet, although an Ethernet adapter is provided in the box. The very original Fire TV had Ethernet built in so it seems daft not to have it. I'm no fan at all of endless connectors to make things work. Hopefully eventually Amazon will reinstate an internal Ethernet port.

Alexa on Fire TV Cube enables you to tune to live TV Channels with select satellite boxes from Sky. You can also control compatible TVs, Soundbars and A/V Receivers from top brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Sonos and others. It works with mine. The equipment control is a revelation. It works perfectly with my very old Pioneer TV, and my pretty new Onkyo AV Amplifier. I can turn the TV and amp on and off by voice now, and although the product comes with an Infra Red extender I didnt need to use it even thought there isn't good line of sight between the components of my system.

The setup wizard is automatic, just choose the brand of equipment and it works out how to control it. It was incredibly easy to make it work. This is the stand out feature of this product.

Alexa, go to home screen.

Alexa on Fire TV Cube

If you have Dolby Atmos compatible AV equipment then you'll welcome Atmos sound support in the Prime Video app and Netflix app (in some, not all content), and the support for Alexa in the YouTube apps too.

Overall, if you have an existing Fire TV device already this is probably not something you need although it is much faster than the earlier Amazon Fire USB sticks and the Alexa voice support for connected equipment is great and made me get one!

Alexa, turn on the TV.

Alexa on Fire TV Cube

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